• Jennifer Werber

December 6th , 2019

Our very first FRIDAY night show at Harvelle's Long Beach. For those of you in the live show world, getting a weekend night slot at a popular venue is tough to get . You must prove yourself with ticket sales and performance quality . I gotta say , I'm still surprised at how positive the reception has been for The Jade Follies. Which tells me this show was so needed. So far it's been a privilege and honor to give my fellow Asian Americans this platform. We do indeed have a voice. We do indeed sing , dance, and perform with no abandon. And we do indeed, so desperately need to share with the world what we can do.

Harvelle's Long Beach

201 E. Broadway

Long Beach , Ca. 90802

9pm Early Show or 11pm Late Show

tickets at * Please click on LONG

BEACH location


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