Did you know in an OK Cupid study done in 2009 Asian males showed the lowest rates of approval from White, Black, and Latina women. Tinder even came out with a study marking Asian males the least responded to by women of all races, including Asian women ! WTF ! And after chatting with my fellow Asian brothers about dating , these findings seem to be true. But why and how did it become this way ? Studies show Asians are the fastest growing , highest -educated , and highest- income minority racial group in the country . Yet a Columbia University study states that an Asian male needs to earn $247,000 more than a White male in order to become marriage material for a White woman. This blows. 


  But why ? It seems for decades Asian men have been desexualized in media and popular culture. In the 1800's when the first Asian male immigrants arrived they were subjected to ridiculous laws that stripped them of certain rights that signify manhood. Most became cooks, laundrymen, dishwashers...jobs typically seen as female work. The infamous Chinese Exclusion Act ( Google it! It's often ignored in high school history classes .) made it nearly impossible for Asian men to find Asian wives. Yet it was also illegal for them to marry White women. Fast forward to Asian men in film.  Who can forget the caucasian Mickey Rooney who went yellow face to portray Mr. Yunioshi in " Breakfast at Tiffany's ." His character was bucktoothed, nerdy  and loud of course . Or how about Gedde Watanabe as Long Duk Dong in the iconic " Sixteen Candles."  And this is just a sliver of the stereotypes Asian males have portrayed in Hollywood. 


  I'm grateful to say times are changing , but not quick enough. Finally Asian men are being cast as more than just the " sidekick."  We hit the jackpot the last few years with large studio films like " Crazy Rich Asians " and " Always Be My Maybe ."  Asian actors like Daniel Dae Kim, Arjun Rampal, Godfrey Gao, and Harry Golding have women AND men of all races swooning with desire.  Asian men are indeed  masculine, sexy, and strong. And I hope in time this taunting stereotype is just a faded memory in history. 


I currently produce a live Burlesque and Variety show in Southern California. I'm proud to say The Jade Follies is the first and only show of it's kind that has an all Asian cast. When I came up with the idea to perform a sexy duet with a live musician it was imperative for me that he be Asian. More Audiences need to see Asian men as desireable and a catch . Needless to say, my 6'4 saxophone playing Chinese - Samoan partner did not disappoint! After the show two Asian males in the audience pulled me aside to thank me for featuring an Asian male in such a sexy role. Both mentioned how it's not something they are use to seeing. They felt represented, they felt proud, they felt heard and seen . Well cheers to that I say ! I hope to smash these stereotypes anyway I can. And if you've never been with an Asian guy...get on it ! They are scrumptious! 

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