Hello there! Thank you for visiting! Im Jennifer aka Miso Pretty , the producer of the Jade Follies. Since our debut show September 1, 2019 we have been on a whirlwind rollercoaster. 

It was my goal with The Jade Follies to create a platform for Asian artists , specifically  in the art of burlesque. Surprisingly an all Asian burlesque and variety show had never been produced in Southern California, until now. 

Many told me I wouldn't be able to sell tickets. Many questioned if there was enough Asian talent in LA and OC to fill a show. And many thought it would be a fun one time gimmicky show, similar to the old school asian caricatures Hollywood created of us back in the day. 

Instead, we offer a classic variety show featuring the nation's most exquisite Asian talent in the form of burlesque, music, drag, aerials, vocals, beatboxing, stand up comedy and more. 

Please come celebrate with us as we defy stereotypes, and break boundaries . : ) 

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